The NeoPixel strip is attached as follows:

  • NeoPixel DI to Feather pin 13
  • +5v to red wire spliced to on/off switch
  • G to black wire spliced to on/off switch

Remember, NeoPixel strips are directional. Be sure you're soldering to the "in" end of the strip (DI) and not the "out" end (DO).

The IR Sensor is attached as follows. With the sensor facing up and the legs down, and the bump facing you:

  • Out (leftmost pin) to Feather pin A0
  • G (middle pin) to G
  • Power (rightmost pin) to 3V

Plug the battery into the on/off switch and the switch into the board. 

Battery Charging

This project is designed to run from an onboard battery. The Feather microcontroller has onboard battery charging, so you can permanently install your battery and recharge it by plugging in a USB cable to the Feather.

However, with this wiring setup, the battery will not charge with the on/off switch turned off, since the switch is between the battery and the controller. So when you plug in your table to charge, be sure the switch is clicked to "on".

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