3D Printing & NeoPixel LEDs

This is the Guardian Sword from Zelda, Breath of Fresh Air. It’s fully 3D Printed and has a ton of NeoPixel LEDs. This thing is super bright and looks so awesome!

Pedro designed the blade in Autodesk Fusion 360 using reference images from the game. He designed it to be 3D printed in several pieces that will be connected together using screws.

The parts were 3D printed on a Type A Machines Series 1 Pro 3D printer. It’s got a massive build volume of 12 by 12 by 12 inches, so it’s great for making huge parts.

We used translucent PLA filament because it’s really easy to use and will let the NeoPixel LEDs shine through.

The sword is pretty massive, it’s about 34in in length and has over 90 NeoPixels.

Once I got it in the game, the first thing I thought was, wow this is so cool, I have to make it!

Where to find the Guardian Sword++ in the Breath of the Wild

So this guardian sword can be found in the Chaas Qeta shrine located in the Tenoko Island. It’s yielded by a guardian scout, so you’ll have to battle to get it. It has a decent attack rating of 40 points, but like most weapons in the game it won’t last long. So this one will last longer than the one in the game.

This guide was written for the Trinket Mini boards, but can be done with either the Trinket Mini or Trinket M0. We recommend the Trinket M0 as it is easier to use and is more compatible with modern computers!

Machine Screws

The parts are held together with screws to make it sturdy and easy to assemble. 

Blade sides M2.5 x .5 x 8MM screws or #4-40-3/8.  

After the blades are connect the two halves are combined using twenty M2 x .4 x 12MM screws or #2-56x1/2 screws.

The Trinket is mounted with M2 x 4mm screws.

The Lipo Backpack uses one M2.5 x 5mm screw. 

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