Half Size

The full size breadboard is good for larger projects but I rather prefer the half size breadboard. These are (surprise!) about half the length of the full size breadboard. It has 30 rows and 400 total connection points

They're great for small projects, you can usually fit a small Arduino-compatible and some sensors and LEDs.

Tiny Breadboard

 Sometimes you want to get small - if even the half-sized breardboard is too big for your needs check out the tiny breadboard.

Note that this breadboard does not have power rails! But it is really cute, with only 17 rows (170 total connection points) which makes up for it. Good for when you only have a few components to wire up like this little audio visualizer by Bill Earl

Little Breadboard Bits

I don't even know the proper names of these but they're basically little 'crumbs' of a breadboard, for the simplest configurations

The terminal strips on these babies come out to tabs, we've found you can solder these to a perfboard or wire which might make them useful for adding small breadboarding sections to a perfboard or perma-proto

Large Breadboard

For really big projects, give yourself some room to work in, with a massive 2250-point breadboard - equivalent in size to three full sized breadboards side by side.

The breadboards are mounted onto a metal plate, and comes with 4 colored posts you can use with a bench-top supply. Four bumpers are included, to keep the board from slipping around your desk.

Many of these large breadboards sometimes have 'power rails' that are split in the middle! That means that if you want to plug in a voltage at the top of the board, it wont appear at the bottom. Since this often trips people up, we strongly suggest drawing lines onto the breadboard the moment you get it! Just follow this image to see where the splits occur. Each drawn red line is a split.

You can tell if your large breadboard has split rails by using a multimeter (best!) or by looking at the red and blue painted stripes, if they have a gap in the center, the rail is split!

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