What does the Brain Machine do?

The Brain Machine provides you with a fun, easy way to meditate, all the while being very photogenic! They work with lights and sounds that pulse at a 14-minute-long meditation sequence of brainwave frequencies. Your brain synchronizes to this meditation sequence, and you meditate. It's that easy! And the beautiful colors and patterns you vividly imagine along the way make it fun and enjoyable.

How to use it!

Using the Brain Machine kit is easy!

  1. Put on the headphones and glasses
  2. Close your eyes gently
  3. Press the ON/OFF button on the right side PCB
  4. Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out and enjoy, with your eyes gently closed the entire time, for as long as you like.
  5. The Brain Machine will automatically turn itself off when the trip sequence is complete.
  6. If you want to stop the sequence early, just press the ON/OFF button again (or just remove the headphones and glasses).
The Brain Machine works with blinking lights. Be aware that blinking lights are not good for some people, especially those prone to seizures!
Some peoples' eyes are more sensitive to bright lights than others. Using the Brain Machine should be a great experience. They should also be comfortable. If the blinking lights are uncomfortable for you, then there are two ways to reduce the brightness to make them less intense:

  • If at any time you want to make the experience less intense, simply slide the glasses down your nose until you feel comfortable.
  • Use every-day masking tape to cover the red LEDs to make them less bright. Just keep putting tape over the LEDs until they are not too bright.

Battery Life

The Brain Machine Kit comes with 2 AAA standard alkaline batteries. These should last for hundreds of trip sequences. If you ever need to replace the batteries just use any AAA's from the store. The brain machine works fine with low cost 'economy' batteries so you don't need to spend a lot for the expensive batteries.

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