Now that x86 binaries can be run, it's time to install Steam and play some games!

First download the SteamOS debian package from (it's the little Steam icon under the blue INSTALL STEAM button).

Then install the package:

sudo dpkg -i steam_latest.deb

Now you can run Steam from the main menu under Games. It will complain about some missing dependencies and a missing library. Don't worry, box86 is going to handle all of that, Steam just doesn't know it. In the terminal window you can push Ctrl+C to cancel the additional package installation. Let Steam update and eventually it will launch.

Sign in and take a look - things aren't quite right. That's because Steam is a hybrid of 32-bit and 64-bit pieces and only the 32-bit parts will work for us. That's fine, we just can't see some parts like the browser. Go to View - Small Mode to just change to a list of games. In the upper right, change to SteamOS + Linux to see the games you have that will work in Linux. This doesn't differentiate between 32- and 64-bit so not all of them will work. Check the compatibility list to see if anyone has had luck with a specific game.

Install a game and try running it - some will work right away, some need a few tweaks. Human Resource Machine is a great one that has no problems.

Human Resource Machine running
Sort those inputs!

What else can be done?

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