There's a 64-bit version of box86 called box64, but there are a lot more caveats to deal with. If you also need to run 32-bit binaries, you'll need a multiarch setup and that's a bit beyond this guide.

If you want to run 3D binaries using OpenGL, you'll probably want gl4es.

More info about WINE and box86 can be found in the box86 docs. If you need to build a 3G/1G memory split kernel for a Pi 2 or 3, check out this kernel guide and configure it with CONFIG_VMSPLIT_3G=y (Memory split -> 3G/1G user/kernel split in menuconfig).

TwisterOS is a distribution that includes Box86, WINE, RetroPie, and much more!

You can also contribute! Box86 is released under the MIT license. Check out the Github page for more.

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