Have you ever wanted to run something on your Raspberry Pi but it was only made for x86 processors? Box86 solves that and lets you run x86 Linux binaries on your ARM system - Pi, ODroid, OpenPandora, etc. It can even do dynamic recompilation rather than just using an interpreter, giving you a 5-10x speed boost.

What does that actually mean? You can run all kinds of games on a Pi! If it has an x86 Linux binary, you can probably run it.

What's that? All of your games are in Steam? Well you're in luck, because Steam runs through box86 too!

What's another fun x86 binary that can be run? WINE! Using box86 with WINE gives you the ability to run Windows x86 binaries on an ARM system like a Raspberry Pi.

This guide has you build it and get a bunch of things running on a system where they normally wouldn't work.

This guide was first published on Jun 08, 2022. It was last updated on Jun 08, 2022.

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