Mount LED


After cleaning up the crown, we can move on to mounting the electronics! We'll start off by inserting the 10mm LEDs into each of the holes around the crown. 


Press the LEDs until you reach the flange. We'll arrange the legs so the ground are close to the GND pin on Gemma board.


Gem mount


The Gems are held in place by press fitting them into the 10mm LEDs. Align each gem and press them into the cavities. The gems will only fit in one direction only, we can rotate them until they fully seat into the cavity. 


If the tolerances are loose, we'll use a drop of super glue to keep the gem in place.


Battery Pocket


Next we'll attach the battery pocket inside of the crown. Position the pocket with the opening facing up.


The small hole will allow the cable to pass through the pocket and align with the JST port on the Gemma. 


We'll use a drop of hot glue to adhere the battery pocket to the inside of the crown as show in the picture.

LED legs


Next, we'll bend the legs on the LEDs around the shape of the crown. Align each leg so it's closest to the battery pocket.




Follow the circuit diagram to connect the resistor and wire to each LED. 


Now we'll measure and cut the wires to reach the pads on the Gemma. The two LEDs furthest from the battery pock will need wires to be 100mm long. The nearby LEDs will need ~30mm long wires to reach the connections on the Gemma.

Gemma mount


The Gemma board will mount directly to the battery pocket. Align the Gemma with the USB port facing up.


Use a drop of the hot glue to adhere the board to the battery pocket. Do not insert the battery until the end.





Gemma Connect


Allow the Gemma to adhere to the battery pocket before connecting the LEDs. We'll use tweezers to help hold wires while soldering each connection to the Gemma board. 


Battery  wire


After we verify all connections are fully connected with soldered, we move on to inserting our 150mAh lipo battery into the pocket. Align the wire so the JST connection can fit through the small opening on the bottom of the pocket.

Battery mount


We can use pliers to help pass the battery JST through the battery pocket hole. Gently guide the lipo battery into the pocket by pull on the wire as to push the battery inside. 




The crown is almost complete! To adore, we'll need to attach a headband to the bottom of the crown.


The print includes indents on each side to allow you to cut a slit into the crown. Measure a headband and using a hobby knife, carefully cut away slit to fit the headband. 




To finish off the bowsette look, attach our horn parts to each side of the headband. Slide each tab on the horns as shown in the picture.

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