What If I Don't Have A 3D Printer?

Not to worry! You can use a 3D printing service such as 3DHubs or MakeXYZ to have a local 3D printer operator 3D print and ship you parts to you. This is a great way to get your parts 3D printed by local makers. You could also try checking out your local Library or search for a Maker Space.

Fusion 360 files 

Below are links to modify the design of the Crown, Gems and Battery Pocket to fine tune them to adjust to your printer tolerances.

Design Source Files

The enclosure assembly was designed in Fusion 360. This can be downloaded in different formats like STEP, SAT and more. Electronic components like the board, displays, connectors and more can be downloaded from our Fusion 360 CAD parts github repo.

Slice Settings

These settings are for NinjaFlex 85A with a 0.4mm nozzle profiles using FlashPrint Optimized for the Flashforge Inventor 2.

  • Nozzle .4mm
  • Layer Height .2mm
  • Line Width .38
  • Print Speed 40mm/s
  • Retraction 0mm
  • Build plate adhesion type – skirt
  • Bed 0c Blue Tape

3D Printing Flexibles


The crown was  3D printed with FDM type 3D printers using Ninjaflex TPU filament. This material is flexible and rubbery so it can be folded, cut, and sewn – This makes it great for wearables! Printing this material requires a bit of know how (documented in our learn guide).


Printing Gems


Use translucent natural PLA filament to make gems that will evenly diffuse the LEDs.


All of the gem elements are separated into individual pieces to make printing easier. Assembly is pretty easy and straight forward. Use the links below to download the STLs files.

Cleaning Parts


Bits of string around the edges of the crown can be removed using flush diagonal cutters.


Flexible Battery Pocket


A small pocket is 3D printed in flexible filament to house the lipo battery and protect the wearer. 



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