Use a Gemma M0 and a couple of LEDs to make this Princess Peach / Bowsette inspired crown! Use Circuit Python to fade the 10mm LEDs inside the translucent filament to illuminate this magical mushroom inspired crown. 


Top it off with a pair of our flexible printed horns to create a unique twist on the Bowsette crown!

The crown is 3d printed in flexible material, making it easy for cut or sew onto fabrics, perfect for cosplay.


The Gems are 3d printed in a translucent material that allows it to fully diffuse. 


The horns are printed in glow in the dark flexible material, so the look spooky under blavk uv lights!


3D print or use an existing headband to wear for your next halloween or cosplay event!

Prerequisite Guides


If you're new to Adafruit Circuit Python and soldering, take a moment to walk through the following guides to get you started.


Tools and Supplies

List of handy things to assist in any project.

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