The game is played in portrait mode so you'll turn your PyGamer or PyBadge 90 degrees.

There is an introductory screen - press START to continue.


The display consists of a bouncing ball which bounces when it hits a flat surface (it can pass through the bottom of platforms but bounces on the tops of the platforms).

The goal is to have as many platform bounces as you can without the ball hitting the floor.

You tilt the board left and right so move the ball side to side to get on the platform you want to bounce off of. Currently tilting up and down does not activate anything.

The ball will move off the screen to the right or left to the other side - handy if the platform you want to bounce off of is too far away for a cross-screen bounce.

When the ball is yellow, it is in play and the count of bounces is on the lower right on the screen. After one play, there is a last game score below the ground level and a high score count at the bottom of the display.

You can pause the game by pressing the START button. The screen will freeze. Pressing any other button will start the game back up.


The default is sound on. You can use the SELECT button to toggle sound off and on. A red ø symbol is displayed in the lower right of the screen if the sound is muted. The buttons are not debounced - if you press SELECT and it still is muted, keep pressing until it is unmuted.


There are 4 types of bonuses that are triggered when hitting a colored platform. Use the A button to activate the bonus. The type of bonus is listed at the bottom of the display and only lasts a short time.

Going Further

There is a number of ways to extend the game in code. If top to bottom movements are detected, it could increase or decrease gravity some. If moving offscreen to the other side isn't your cup of tea, you can detect when the ball hits the bounds and bounce back at the same speed. There are still lots of buttons and NeoPixels not in use for input and output.

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