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Hello! Welcome to my first guide on the Learning System!

In this project, I add a Circuit Playground Express to my BOSEbuild speaker to replace the default reactive audio lights with a more appealing, better looking audio-reactive rainbow animation (or whatever animation you want) for the speaker.

This is a pretty easy project, and it's a nice thing to do after you get the speaker.

The first thing you need to do is take off one panel from the speaker. You put it together (most likely), so you should know how to remove the clips and take off the panel, but here's a visual representation.


Slide the clips in the square boxes off, then raise the panel up.

Once that's done, you can insert the Circuit Playground behind the magnet of the speaker. This can get a bit complicated, so here's another visual representation (with text this time).

Once that's done, you can plug it in and set it up!

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