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Install Breadboard

Peel back the protective film from the breadboard and stick it to the cover with the side that has the inset lip. Use the photo to reference best placement.

Attaching Handle

You'll need to secure the handle to the box using machine screws. Start by placing the handle onto the box. On one of the the sides you'll see two indentation. Insert the ends of the handle on to the indentations. From the inside of the box, you need to install screws into the holes. Fasten a #4-40 3/8" (M3 x 10mm) screws into each hole while holding the handle in place.

Install Grip

Press the grip onto the handle until it clips in place. The handle is symmetrical, so it doesn't matter which side it goes on. Note, you'll have one of the four sides exposed, so make sure it's placed face up. The grip has little nubs on each end that grab onto the sides of the handle.

Add Buttons

Secure the buttons to the box using glue or double-sided tape. The body and gray framing should be facing the side of the box with the flat bottom. Position the buttons center before letting the glue or tape set. 

Attach Face

You'll need to secure the face to the box using glue or double-sided tape. I used nitto tape because it's pretty strong but can still be removed. The face should be oriented so the handle is face up. The face attaches to the side of the box with the flat bottom.

Pro Tip: If the corners of the part are warped, you can flatten them out by carefully applying heat using hot air gun (at low temperature). Be very careful not to over heat!! Lightly heat up the corner and gently bend it to shape using a flat edge like a ruler or table.

Install Components

Now you can install your components! You can do this however you like. If you wanted to use screws, you could drill through the plastic cover and install standoffs. The half-size breadboards have a peel-away sticky backing that you can use. You could also mount components to the side of the box.


Install Speaker

Insert the speaker into the box and place it on the side with the oval shaped cut out. Install it at an angle and press until it's flush with the surface.

Snap Cover

Once the components are install, it's time to close up the box! Carefully press the cover onto the box until the lip snaps and locks onto the edge of the case. Be sure to route any necessary cables through the side with the opening – Use a micro USB cable to power the Adafruit Feather and other components.

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