Connect Speakers

At this point, we can go ahead and connect the speakers to the Speaker Bonnet. This stereo speaker set features a male JST connector, so it's easily to plug it directly into the Speaker Bonnet.

Trim Speaker Wires

You may find the speaker wires are pretty lengthy – which is nice for some projects but a bit excessive once you stuff it into the case. To make it nice and neat, I shortened the length of the speaker wires. But this is entirely optional, totally up to you! If you do decide to trim the wires short, you'll want to measure them to determine how much wire is needed to reach and still connect to the Speaker Bonnet.

Splice Wires

Using wire cutters, clip the speaker wires. It's a good idea to strip and tin the wires. A bit of solder can splice these wires together – Just make sure to match up the grounds and voltage wires. Be sure to add a piece of heat shrink tubing before soldering wires together to protect and insulate the wires and avoid any shorts.

Short Speaker Wires

Here's how mine turned out. I left a little extra slack because that will make it easier to work with if I ever need to take the speakers out of the case. There is plenty of room inside the case, so some extra wire is OK.

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