Connect PowerBoost to Pi

We'll need to power the Pi and Speaker Bonnet with the PowerBoost. Make two more pieces of wire, about 14cm in length. Using wire strippers, remove a bit of insulation from the tips and tin them with a bit of solder. Pieces of heat shrink tubing can keep these two together. 

Connect Wires to PowerBoost

Solder the wires to the 5V and GND labeled pins on the Adafruit PowerBoost.

Connect PowerBoost to Speaker Bonnet

In order to power the Pi with the PowerBoost, we'll need to connect the 5V and GND wires to the pins on the Adafruit Speaker Bonnet. 5V and GND pins are conveniently broken out on top of the Speaker Bonnet. Solder in the two wires from the PowerBoost into any available 5V and GND pins.

PowerBoosted Pi

And now we have the PowerBoost wired up to the Adafruit Speaker Bonnet. This will also power the Raspberry Pi Zero W. 

This guide was first published on Nov 08, 2017. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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