Since we'll be able to see inside the case, I though it'd be cool to add some additional graphics. On the back of the faceplate, I stuck one of these lovely Adafruit stickers – These come with the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express. It features a reflective silver coating with the Adafruit text stylized as circuit traces. I think these are super cool and they're just the right size!


For perfect placement, I carefully placed the sticker centered. I used a squeegee to flatten the sticker to avoid any air bubbles. Well placed sticker!

Install FacePlate 

I used some double-sided tape to secure the faceplate to the case. You can optionally use glue or other type of adhesive, I found mounting tack even works. Maybe velcro, magnets? Get Creative!

Install Switch

The slide switch can be mounted to the back cover by pressing it into the little holder. It should stay in place with friction, but I suggest adding some mounting tack or adhesive to ensure the switch doesn't come out.

Snap Fitted Cover

Orient the cover so the port holes line up with the connectors and press the cover into the case. Firmly press the edges together so the nubs on the case snap into the lip on the cover. These two will click together. You can open up the enclosure by pulling out the cover if you need to.

Final Assembly

And now we can try it out! When the battery gets low, a red status LED will light up on the PowerBoost. Plug in a microUSB cable to the PowerBoost to recharge the battery – A yellow LED indicates charging. Green LED means the battery is fully charged and ready for use. 

Raspberry Pi Access

If you ever need to access the Raspberry Pi, you can still connect a USB keyboard, mouse and HDMI monitor. For example, if you travel and need to change the WiFi credentials. For updating the Pi software, you can SSH into it remotely from your desktop.

Share Your Make!

We'd love to see your photos and videos of your make! Post your stuff on your social network of choice and tag #AdafruitBoomyPi. Get a free Adafruit Sticker by showing it off on our Live Show & Tell Google Hangout.

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