Circuit Diagram

This provides a visual reference for wiring of the components. They aren't true to scale, just meant to be used as reference. The Raspberry Pi isn't shown here because the Speaker Bonnet installs on top of it. The PowerBoost provides voltage to the Pi through the Speaker Bonnet. The buttons are wired to the GPIO pins on the Speaker Bonnet – These are broken out on the side of the header and nicely labeled.

Wired Connections

The Speaker Bonnet connects to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO header. The 2200mAh battery plugs directly into the PowerBoost. The 2x speakers directly connect to the Speaker Bonnet.

  • G from PowerBoost to GND on Speaker Bonnet
  • 5V from PowerBoost to 5V on PowerBoost
  • Switch to EN on PowerBoost
  • Switch to GND on PowerBoost
  • Button 1 to 17 on Speaker Bonnet
  • Button 2 to 27 on Speaker Bonnet
  • Button 3 to 22 on Speaker Bonnet
  • Button 4 to 23 on Speaker Bonnet

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