Pack up your Beagle Bone in this lovely clear plastic case. We designed this case to be the ideal enclosure, with plenty of elegant details to make it useful to you!

There's plenty of space inside to add on one of our Beagle Bone Proto Capes with components or connectors soldered on. Fits any Beagle Bone version out there - but not BeagleBoards!

Parts List

The kit includes the following items:

  • Six (6) laser-cut acrylic pieces.
  • Eight (8) 1/2" #4-40 machine screws.
  • Eight (8) #4-40 steel nuts.
  • Four (4) 3/16" nylon spacers.

Not included with the kit, you will also need:

  • BeagleBone single board computer.
  • Small screwdriver.
  • Optional: tape.

Before assembly…

  • Peel the backing paper off the acrylic parts.
  • Remove Proto Cape, if installed.
  • Remove microSD card.

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