To access the MONSTER M4SK via usb to change the code or charge the battery, we're going to have extend the usb port and modify the Boglin so that the usb comes through its tail. To do this, we must remove some parts of the built-in tail contraption.

Remove the Tail

  • Start by flipping the tail inside out and look for the cylindrical plastic gold piece inside.
  • Using one hand to hold the Boglin down and the other on the gold piece, pop off the gold piece.
  • Next disassemble the rest of the tail by taking out the clear plastic on the other side.

Reattach the Tail

  • Clean both sides of the tail attachment area with some isopropyl alcohol.
  • Apply some super glue on one side.
  • Reattach tail, making sure alignment is correct and hold in place for at least one minute.
  • Next, if possible, use clamps or panavises to clamp tail together and wait approx. 30 min to dry.

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