Open the arduino_ble.ino example sketch in the Arduino IDE, and attach the Pro Trinket 3V to your computer using a USB cable. Then, select Pro Trinket 3V/12MHz (USB) from the Tools->Board menu.

Then, use the upload button at the top of the IDE to upload the sketch to the Pro Trinket.

Installing the iOS App

Next, navigate to the repo in the terminal and run the following command to tell Cordova to build the iOS app.

cordova build

Once you have built the app, you can open up the XCode project located at the following path inside the repo folder:

platforms/ios/BNO055 BLE Example.xcodeproj

Plug in your iOS device, and click the play button at the top of the XCode project to upload it to your device.

Plug in the battery to the Pro Trinket, BNO055, and Bluefruit. You should then see the blue connection light change on the Bluefruit when the iOS app connects.

The iOS app will then display the current orientation info for roll and yaw.

You can use the Set Offset button to zero the graph at the current orientation. All readings will then be relative to that offset.

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