You can make your own adorable turtle bot and control it from your mobile device using Bluetooth LE!

This cute little bot uses the Circuit Playground Bluefruit as the brains and BLE communicator, and the Crickit platform as the brawn to drive two DC gearhead motors.

You can drive forward and backward, turn left and right, and even change the colors of the built-in NeoPixel ring on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit, all from the Adafruit Bluefruit app for iOS and Android.

Plus you can get crafty with the felt or foam and decorate this cardboard chassis bot like a cute turtle!


shot of a Black woman's neon-green manicured hand holding up a Circuit Playground Bluefruit glowing rainbow LEDs.
Circuit Playground Bluefruit is our third board in the Circuit Playground series, another step towards a perfect introduction to electronics and programming. We've...
Top down view of a Adafruit CRICKIT for Circuit Playground Express with a circular board connected.
Sometimes we wonder if robotics engineers ever watch movies. If they did, they'd know that making robots into servants always ends up in a robot rebellion. Why even go down that...
Angled shot of a blue long rectangular USB battery pack.
A smaller-sized rechargeable battery pack for your Raspberry Pi or Raspberry...
Shot of a coiled USB to 2.1mm Male Barrel Jack Cable.
There's two standard ways to power electronics - USB or 5.5mm/2.1mm DC barrel jack. This or that! With this USB to 2.1mm Male Barrel Jack Cable, you can now power...
Angled shot of rainbow-colored EVA foam sheet packed fanned out.
EVA foam is one of the best and easiest go-to materials for constructing costumes and props. It's light, inexpensive, versatile, and can easily be cut and heat-shaped for a snug...
2 x DC Gearbox Motor
"TT Motor" - 200RPM - 3 to 6VDC
2 x Orange and Clear TT Motor Wheel
for TT DC Gearbox Motor

Materials and Tools

  • Medium corrugated cardboard box
  • Ruler
  • Hobby knife or scissors
  • Double stick foam tape
  • Hot melt glue and gun

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