Decide how long you'd like your lanyard. I found 1m to be just about perfect - long enough to fit over my head comfortably and dangle my badge at an appropriate level. Cut a strip of webbing about 3 inches longer than you'd like -- you can always trim it down later.

Carefully cut your NeoPixels to the same length, cutting through the copper pads. Also cut off the connectors on both ends as we won't be using them this time.

Cut a short piece of ribbon cable -- you only need a few inches. Find the striped wire -- this will be our power wire. We only need three wires for this project so pull off the fourth wire (opposite the striped wire) and save it for another project.

Solder the ribbon cable to your NeoPixels. The striped wire will go to +, the middle wire to IN and the remaining wire goes to -.

These pads are teeny tiny and close together, so this can be a bit tricky. Breathe and take your time with this.

Solder the other end of the wires to the Feather:

  • Striped wire to BAT
  • Middle wire to 13
  • Remaining wire to GND

That's all our connections! Before we seal everything up and make it suitcase-proof, let's load up the software and be sure it all works.

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