To use the robot, start by switching it on. There's a small switch just under the left side of the CLUE. Once it has started up, a "Waiting for connection" message will appear. This means it is listening for the Bluefruit App.

Connect with Bluefruit App

On your mobile device, open the Bluefruit Connect App. You should see a list of devices. If you are using a tablet or similar device with a larger screen, the list will appear on the left side.

You should see a device that begins with CIRCUITPY in the list. Click the Connect button next to it.

Once you have connected, you should see a screen similar to this. Everything you need is under the Controller option, so select that.

Driving the Robot

To drive the robot around, you will want to use the Control Pad. This gives you 4 directions plus 4 auxiliary function buttons.

Select the Control Pad option, which is under Controller. Press the back button on your device first if you're in the Color Picker.

You will be presented with a control pad with directional and function buttons.

Pressing Up starts the robot moving forward and Down starts it moving Backwards. The image will change to show the direction the robot is moving.

Pressing Button 1 will stop the robot. It will light up red for a brief period to simulate brake lights.

While the robot is moving forward or backward, holding either the Left or Right button will cause it to turn in that direction. Additionally, it will light up yellow and a side arrow will appear on the display that points in the direction it is turning.

If the robot is stopped, it will rotate in place. It will also light up yellow and a pair of circular arrows will appear on the display that indicate the direction it is rotating.

Turning On and Off Lights

To turn the lights on or off, make sure you are in the control pad and just press button 4 to toggle them.

Changing Underglow Color

There are a couple of ways to change the underglow color. A couple of the Control Pad function buttons have preset colors. Button 2 will change it to blue and button 3 will change it to green.

You can also set it to any color you like with the color picker.

Select the Color Picker option, which is under Controller. Press the back button on your device first if you're currently in the Control Pad.

Just select the color you would like to use and press the Send Selected Color button to set the new underglow color.

The lights underneath should now be glowing the selected color.

Adding More Sensors

There are plenty of sensors on the CLUE that could also be used such as a 9-DoF motion sensor, light sensor, sound sensor, and even a temperature/humidity sensor. You could also make use of the buttons on the CLUE to change modes and have the controller buttons do something completely different in the new mode.

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