Setting up the robot is fairly simple and only requires a couple of prerequisites outside of getting the code running. The car comes in a kit form and includes the tools and instructions you need to assemble it. You will also need the Adafruit Bluefruit Connect app running on a phone or tablet to send commands.

Assemble The Car Kit

The first thing you will need to do is assemble the Ring:bit Car V2. Adafruit previously sold a version branded as the Pi Supply bit:buggy, which is functionally the same. Each car kit includes assembly instructions, or if you would prefer, you can follow along with the online instructions.

There are a couple of different variations of the board, but both function work without any modifications.

When you get to the part where it asks you to connect a micro:bit, just use the CLUE instead. If you haven't already installed CircuitPython, doing so before connecting it to the car is much easier because it's difficult to reach the reset button. If you have already assembled it, however, with some good timing it's possible to slip a small flathead screw driver under and double press the reset button.

On the back of the board are 3 connectors labeled 0VG through 2VG. This nomenclature indicates the output pins are arranged GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) number, V+, and Ground. As indicated in the photo, the yellow wire should plug towards the GPIO side with the number.

The code is expecting the LED connector to plug into GPIO0, the servo on the robot car's left (when viewed from the rear) to plug into GPIO1, and the right servo should plug into GPIO2. If your robot doesn't move as expected, you can either rearrange the plugs or update it in the code if you'd prefer.

Install Bluefruit Connect App

The Adafruit Bluefruit app is available for both iOS and Android. You can find more information about installing and configuring it in the Bluefruit LE Connect for iOS and Android guide. Once that is running, you are ready to continue.

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