Using the Adafruit CLUE with the Ring:Bit Car allows you to build a robotic car with access to many sensors. When paired with CircuitPython, this makes for a friendly project that is a great way to get started with robotics.

The code allows you to connect to the robot using a Bluetooth device such as a phone or tablet running Adafruit Bluefruit Connect in order to remotely send input. This allows you to send commands to direct it where you would like it to go, change the color of the underglow lighting, and even turn the CLUE light on and off.

For this project, in order to keep it simple, only the display, lights, and motors were used along with the Bluetooth capabilities. This project could be further extended to make use of the many additional sensors available on the CLUE if you desired.

For the graphics, everything was drawn in code using the CircuitPython built-in vectorio module. This helps to reduce the number of dependent files needed to run the robot, increases the drawing speed, and makes it easier to modify the graphics.

This robot was featured on a CircuitPython Day livestream build.

Required Parts

This project only requires a couple of parts:

Animated GIF showing CLUE board  displaying data from the many on-board sensors.
Do you feel like you just don't have a CLUE? Well, we can help with that - get a CLUE here at Adafruit by picking up this sensor-packed development board. We wanted to build some...
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This robot also requires 3 AAA-sized batteries.

Angled shot of 3 PKcell AAA batteries.
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USB cable - USB A to Micro-B - 3 foot long
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