Install Sensors

Follow the manufacturer's directions to install your speed and cadence sensors. Here you can see a single unit with a magnet attached to a rear wheel spoke for wheel revolution sensing, and a crank mounted magnet for cadence sensing.

The unit detects each magnet with a different Hall effect sensor and then sends revolution data over BLE.

Use the CLUE Display

Plug in power to the CLUE, either with a battery pack or over USB.

The CLUE will begin to search for the cycling speed & cadence sensor.

Turn the crank to wake up the sensor in case it has gone into power saving mode.

When the CLUE finds the CSC sensor, they will negotiate a connection.

Now, you can give the wheel a spin and crank the pedal. You'll see the cumulative revolutions of each displayed on the CLUE!

This guide was first published on Feb 10, 2020. It was last updated on Feb 22, 2024.

This page (Use the CLUE Cycling Display) was last updated on Feb 09, 2020.

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