Learn to read cycling speed and cadence sensor data over Bluetooth LE and display data on your CLUE board's screen!

Using our Bluefruit libraries and CircuitPython, it's now possible to connect to multiple devices, in the case of separate speed and cadence sensors, as well as dual sensor devices that present as a single BLE peripheral.

The adafruit_clue library is used to help keep things simple, so you can write the wheel and crank revolution text to the display without diving into complicated display code.

In a future project, we'll cover the math needed to convert these raw revolution values into speed and cadence like you'll see on a typical bike computer or cycling app. This project will get you familiar with reading and displaying data directly onto the CLUE.


Cycling Speed & Cadence Sensor

Bluetooth LE compatible, such as the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC. This type of device is two sensors in one package and typically reads speed and cadence revolutions based on a pair of magnets affixed to a spoke and crank.

You can also use individual speed and/or cadence sensors that use an IMU rather than a magnet to sense revolutions, such as the Wahoo RPM Speed and RPM Cadence.

Be sure that your sensors use Bluetooth LE and not Ant+ or some other radio standard. (Some use both, which is fine.)

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