A note about pairing:

The current line of Livestream Studio hardware (HD31, HD51, HD510, HD550, and HD1710) all ship with Windows 7. Windows 7 doesn't natively support Bluetooth 4.0, and in my experience, I could not get it to pair with the Bluetooth 4.0 adapter available in the Adafruit shop. If you are an advanced user, you might be able to get it to work. Maybe. I really tried!

So as a result, I had to buy a Bluetooth 2.1 adapter, link here: AZIO BTD-V201

I just plugged it in, and it worked.

For more detailed instructions, follow the thorough guide on the Bluefruit EZ-Key page.

This guide was first published on Nov 29, 2015. It was last updated on Nov 29, 2015.

This page (Pairing to Your Machine) was last updated on Nov 11, 2015.

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