Now that you're done uploading the correct firmware, feel free to disconnect your device from your computer and power it via LiPoly or AAA battery pack.

Scan & connect

Open the Bluefruit Playground app on your iPhone or iPad. Read through the startup screens and tap the Begin Pairing button at the bottom.

The Finding CPB list will appear, showing all the compatible devices detected by the app.

The icon at the left of each device name represents its wireless signal strength (RSSI).

Tap the row titled Bluefruit52 to connect Bluefruit Playground to your CPB.

Don't see your device?

If your CPB doesn't appear on the Finding CPB list:

  1. Check to see if the CPB is powered on. Verify that the green On light is lit.
  2. Make sure CPB is running the correct firmware. See the Firmware page in this guide.
  3. Try resetting the CPB by pressing the small Reset button near the center of the board.

This guide was first published on Dec 16, 2019. It was last updated on Jun 17, 2024.

This page (Pairing) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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