The Neopixels module allows you to control a CPB's ten NeoPixel LEDs together or individually.

Change Modes

Switch between three different control modes by swiping left/right on the title area of the white panel at the bottom of the screen.

Light Sequence

The Light Sequence mode lets you play light sequence animations on the CPB NeoPixels.

  • Play a light sequence by tapping one of the four preview animations.
  • The sequence playback speed can be changed using the Speed slider control at the bottom.

Neopixel Selection

The Color Palette and Color Wheel modes allow you to select neopixels individually and in groups.

  • Tap a NeoPixel in the CPB image to select or deselect it. Selected NeoPixels are indicated by a surrounding yellow square.
  • Tap the O button on the left to select all NeoPixels. Tap the X button to deselect all NeoPixels.
  • Tap the trash can icon to turn all NeoPixels off.

Color Palette 

The Color Palette mode provides a variety of presets to use for setting NeoPixel color.

  • Tap one of the colors to change the color of all selected NeoPixels.
  • Use the slider at the bottom to set the Brightness of colors sent to the CPB.

Color Wheel

Color Wheel mode lets you pick a color from a continuous color field.

  • Touch the selection ring in the color field to send the currently selected color.
  • Drag the selection ring across the color field to select and send a new color.
  • The chosen color will be displayed in the square to the right along with its hexadecimal representation below.
  • The slider at the bottom allows you to set the Brightness of colors sent to the CPB.

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