The Accelerometer module uses readings from the Circuit Playground Bluefruit LIS3DH 3-axis XYZ accelerometer to determine the board orientation.

The accelerometer values sent from the CPB are used to calculate orientation, measured in Euler angles. This orientation is then used to set the rotation of the 3D model in the main view.

  • Individual values are displayed in the white panel at the bottom of the screen.
  • Accelerometer X, Y, & Z values are displayed in meters per second squared.
  • Euler Angle X, Y, & Z values are displayed in degrees.
Accelerometers cannot detect 'twisting' motion so you will see changes when you tilt the board, but not spin it.

Offset Controls

The CPB 3D model can be rotated manually to set a rotation offset.

  • Tap and drag across the 3D model to rotate it manually.
  • Double-tap the 3D model to reset its orientation.

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