For One Luminary

If you have just one luminary, the wiring is very simple. Copper tape strands will attach to pins A2, A3, A4 and A5 for the controls on the outside of the luminary. For power, plug a battery or USB cable into your Circuit Playground Bluefruit and you're good to go! We will use the Circuit Playground's onboard NeoPixels, so no other wiring is required.

For 2-4 Luminaries

We can still power through the USB port or battery port on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit. Wiring to the NeoPixel rings is as follows:

  • VOUT --> 5V
  • GND --> G
  • A1 --> Data In

Also connect the Data Out pin on the first NeoPixel ring to the Data In pin on the next one in the series, and so on. The copper tape connections are the same as above.

For 5+ Luminaries

If you have more than 4 luminaries, or if you want to make them all really bright, it's best to power the LEDs first so you aren't pulling so much current through the Circuit Playground Bluefruit. If you find your lights are "browning out" or your Circuit Playground hangs or crashes if you make the lights too bright, this is the solution. 

Wiring for the NeoPixel rings is the same as above. For the power wires, solder an extra red and black wire to the 5V and G pins on the last NeoPixel ring and connect to a screw terminal.  Then plug into a 5v power supply (you'll want at least 2A, this one works great) to power the luminaires.

The power flows both ways through the rings, so if you connect power at the end or in the middle of the chain of rings, the Circuit Playground Bluefruit will still power up and run just fine.

This guide was first published on Nov 27, 2019. It was last updated on May 26, 2024.

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