The UART mode provides a terminal interface for sending and receiving strings from a Bluefruit LE device.

Note: This mode can be used in conjunction with Bluefruit LE Friend's Command mode to configure or get additional info about the device.

Main Window

  • The main log window displays strings received from Bluefruit LE, colored in red. 
  • Toggle the Echo switch in the upper left to also display outgoing strings sent from the app, colored in blue.
  • The display format of the log window can be controlled using the ASCII/Hex switch in the upper right.
  • Tapping Copy will copy all text from the log window to the iOS clipboard.  
  • Tapping Clear will delete all text from the window.

Sending Strings

  • Tap the text field at the bottom of the screen to bring up the keyboard and begin composing a new string to send.
  • Newline characters can be added using the return key.
  • Press the Send button to send the string over UART to your Bluefruit LE device.
  • To hide the keyboard, simply tap the log window while the keyboard is shown.
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