The wiring is pretty straight forward since the BLE Feather & the doubler do most of the connections for us :). The 4 x AA batteries will be used to power the Motor Featherwing & the compact 350mAh lipo will keep the BLE 32u4 Feather going.

  • Connect AA pack + to Motor Wing Motor +
  • Connect AA pack + to Motor Wing Motor -
  • The Right side Motor goes into M3
  • The Left side Motor goes into M3

Solder female headers to the doubler, male headers & terminal blocks to the Motor Featherwing, and stacking female headers to the BLE 32u4 Feather.

You don't need to use the Feather Doubler, you can also just use stacking headers for the BLE Feather and Motor Wing... we just think its very convenient and gives you some prototyping area for sensors or LEDs.

Flip over the chassis and attach the DC motors with the supplied screws. Make sure the wires are facing towards the center of the body (not critical, but my preference to not have the wheels stick out far behind).

Attach the swivel caster wheel to the front of the chassis.

Flip it over and attach the servo wheels with the supplied screws.

Stick 4 bumper feet near the corners of the FeatherWing Doubler, but don't cover up any of the mounting holes. These bumpers act as spacers to keep the PCB from shorting against the chassis.


Attach the doubler to the rear of the chassis using two 4-40 screws and nuts. Getting the holes to line up requires just a bit of sliding around to find the sweet spot.

Take a stick of extra long male header and break off 5 pieces, carefully pulling (or cutting) out the middle one. 


Insert it into M3 & M4. This will make it easy to connect and disconnect the DC motors.


Feed the DC motor wires up through the slots in the body and connect to the motor featherwing. For the code to work without modification, the negative lead of the DC motor should be towards the inside of the chassis.

Connect the + and - lines from the AA battery holder to the Motor Wing terminals.


Place the BLE feather next to it, and attach the standoffs for the top metal plate. 

Attach the top plate and apply foam tape or velcro to keep the AA battery pack stuck to the bot.


Plug the 350 mAh lipo into the feather and it should tuck in nicely underneath the top plate.

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