The firmware that runs on your Bluetooth board is the same firmware that is used with Bluefruit Playground. You may wish to download the latest version below. There have been some recent additions such as a quaternion service which allows you see a model that is rotated in real time by the orientation of your board.

Download the Firmware

The first step is to download the firmware that is appropriate for your board:

Installing the Firmware

The file you downloaded is in the UF2 format, which makes installation very easy. The procedure to install it is as follows:

  1. Connect a USB cable and put the power switch in the “on” position
  2. Double-tap the reset button
  3. Wait for the boot drive to appear! This will appear as a disk drive with BOOT in the name
  4. Drag the UF2 file to the boot drive and wait for it to copy over
  5. The board will automatically reboot

Getting the Source Code

If you would like to find the source code, you will first need to install the nRF52 Board Support Package. For more information, you can follow the Arduino Support Setup page in our Introducing Adafruit CLUE guide.

Once you have the package installed, select the appropriate board.

Open the example available at file→examples→Adafruit Bluefruit nRF52 Libraries→Peripheral→bluefruit_playground

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