Pairing with your computer:

Before you can use your BlueFoot, you will need to pair the EZ-Key to your computer. Follow the instructions in the BlueFruit EZ-Key Guide for pairing.

Basic scrolling:

Make sure that the jumper is positioned on pin #1 of the EZ-Key. This will configure the EZ-Key to transmit the Down Arrow key code every time you step on the switch. Browse to your favorite DIY electronics website and start building with both hands. See how easy it is to scroll through the tutorials while you solder away.
You can move the jumper to different pins to select different key-codes. The EZ-Key comes from the Adafruit Factory with the following key codes pre-programmed:
  • #0 - Up Arrow
  • #1 - Down Arrow
  • #2 - Left Arrow
  • #3 - Right Arrow
  • #4 - Return
  • #5 - Space
  • #6 - the number '1'
  • #7 - the number '2'
  • #8 - lowercase 'w'
  • #9 - lowercase 'a'
  • #10 - lowercase 's'
  • #11 - lowercase 'd'

Customize it!

Would you rather go page-by-page instead of scrolling? You can customize the EZ-Key key-codes to any keyboard key you like. You can program up to 12 keycodes - for pins #0 through #11 - and switch between them using the jumper. Refer to the EZ-Key Guide for instructions on re-mapping the key-codes.

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