When you power up your PyBadge for a relaxing game of Blinka Jump, you are greeted with a new game splash screen. 

#  new game
if new_game and not game_over:
  #  graphics for new game splash screen
  blinka_grid.y = 16
  blinka_grid[0] = JUMP_1
  blinka_grid[1] = JUMP_2
  sparky0_grid.x = 5
  sparky1_grid.x = 40
  sparky2_grid.x = 65
  score_area.text = 300
  new_game_text.text = "BLINKA JUMP"

To start the game, you press the start button at the top of the PyBadge. When the game detects the start button is pressed, the game components are reset to their starting states. The three Sparky's are sent off screen, life_count is reset and the new_game_text is emptied. 

#  if start is pressed...
if current_buttons != buttons:
  if buttons & BUTTON_START:
    #  prepares display for gameplay
    print("start game")
    new_game_text.text = "        "
    life_count = 3
    start = time.monotonic()
    new_game = False
    end = False
    sparky0_grid.x = 100
    sparky1_grid.x = 100
    sparky2_grid.x = 100

Gameplay begins, utilizing all of the gaming mechanics discussed previously in the guide. You'll use the A button on the PyBadge to successfully help Blinka jump over all the of the Sparky the Blue Smoke Monsters.

When you run out of game lives, the game goes into the game_over state. The Blinka and Sparky sprites freeze in their positions at the time of the final collision being detected, "GAME OVER" text is displayed in the center of the screen and three tones (a sad chromatic slide) play.

if game_over and not new_game:
        #  game over text is displayed
        game_over_text.text = "GAME OVER"
        score_area.text = "    "
        #  end game tone is played
        #  and then the screen holds with the last
        #  sprites on screen and game over text
        if not end:
            simpleio.tone(board.SPEAKER, 220, 0.05)
            simpleio.tone(board.SPEAKER, 207.65, 0.05)
            simpleio.tone(board.SPEAKER, 196, 0.5)
            end = True

The game remains in this state until you press the start button again on the PyBadge to begin a new game. When that button press is detected, the game states are reset to their starting positions, similar to the initial new game mode when you first boot up the PyBadge.

#  if the start button is pressed...
if (current_buttons != buttons) and game_over:
  if buttons & BUTTON_START:
    #  display, states and score are reset for gameplay
    game_over_text.text = "        "
    life_count = 3
    start = time.monotonic()
    game_over = False
    end = False
    total_score = 0
    jump_score = 0
    bonus = 0
    score = 0
    blue = 0
    smoke = 0
    monster = 0
    sparky0_grid.x = 100
    sparky1_grid.x = 100
    sparky2_grid.x = 100
    #  game begins again with all Sparky's off screen

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