Blinka Jump is a video game created with CircuitPython. Using the displayio library you can use sprites, text and other features to build your own game.

The game was coded with the PyBadge in mind. The PyBadge board has everything you need onboard to be a compact handheld gaming device.


This game is based on the Chrome browser's jumping dinosaur game Easter egg. In this version, Blinka needs to jump over the Sparky the Blue Smoke Monsters to save the circuits running on CircuitPython.

If you ever want to play the Chrome dinosaur game without any network issues, you can go to chrome://dino/ in your Chrome browser.

Prerequisite Guides

Before diving into this guide, it's recommend to look at the Creating Your First Tilemap Game with CircuitPython Learn Guide by Tim C. It goes into detail about how the displayio mechanics work when coding a game.

For additional references, you'll also want to check out the CircuitPython Animated Sprite Pendents guide and the CircuitPython Display Support Using displayio guide.


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