Blinka jumps every time the A button is pressed on the PyBadge board. To do this, when a button press is detected from the A button, the snake state is set to False. You'll remember that whenever the snake state is True, then the Blinka sprite is in the default slithering animation.

if current_buttons != buttons:
            if buttons & BUTTON_A:
                snake = False

Once snake is False, then the Blinka sprite's y coordinate is updated to be 16, or one row up, and the tilegrid's sprites are updated to be JUMP_1 and JUMP_2.

  #  Blinka JUMPS
  #  y location changes one row up and both jump sprites are shown
  blinka_grid.y = 16
  blinka_grid[0] = JUMP_1
  blinka_grid[1] = JUMP_2

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