The score in Blinka Jump is actually a count of the time that the game has been running using time.monotonic(). The score is displayed in the score_area text object and is updated constantly throughout the game.

#  gets time.monotonic() to have a running score
mono = time.monotonic()
score = mono - start
#  adds 10 points every time a Sparky is cleared
total_score = score + jump_score
#  displays score as text
score_area.text = int(total_score)

In addition to the time.monotonic() component of the score, every time Blinka jumps over a Sparky you get a 10 point bonus. The game counts a successful jump by checking if a Sparky is at x coordinate 8 and Blinka is jumping. This bonus score is stored in jump_score and is added to the running total_score.

Two tones are also played (a triumphant perfect fifth) every time Blinka clears a Sparky.

for j in range(3):
  if sparky_x[j] == 8 and not cleared:
      #  10 points to the player
      bonus += 1
      jump_score = bonus * 10
      cleared = True
      #  special victory tone is played
      simpleio.tone(board.SPEAKER, 523.25, 0.005)
      simpleio.tone(board.SPEAKER, 783.99, 0.005)

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