All of the sprites in the game come from the single bitmap file. Different tilegrids are setup so that the sprites can move independently while still referencing the same file.

The bitmap file is created to be 16 pixels high by 112 pixels wide. This way it can be divided evenly into 16x16 squares to access the individual sprites. These sprites can then be called by index position, similar to an array. 

The sprite names are assigned as variables to match their index positions on the bitmap.

BLINKA_1 = 1
BLINKA_2 = 2
JUMP_1 = 5
JUMP_2 = 6

In total, there will be five tilegrids for the sprites: three for Blinka, Sparky the Blue Smoke Monster and one for a heart. Each of them are setup to use the adafruit_imageload library to load the bitmap file. All of their backgrounds are made to be transparent by eliminating the seventh color in their indexed color profile, which in this case is black.

All of them have a tile_height and tile_width of 16, but their width and height will vary depending on how many sprites will be shown. For example, Blinka has a width of 2 and a height of 1 so that when Blinka jumps, there is enough space for the two sprites that create the Blinka jumping sprite. The default_tile defines which sprite is shown as a default for each tilegrid and will also vary between tilegrids.

blinka, blinka_pal = adafruit_imageload.load("/spritesNew.bmp",

#  creates a transparent background for Blinka
blinka_grid = displayio.TileGrid(blinka, pixel_shader=blinka_pal,
                                 width=2, height=1,
                                 tile_height=16, tile_width=16,

In finishing up each tilegrid's setup, the default position is setup by defining the x and y coordinates for each sprite on the display's grid. To finish up, a display group is created for each tilegrid and the tilegrid is added to that group. Later, the individual sprite's groups are added to the main display group. This allows you to have greater control over the sprites individually later in the code.

blinka_grid.x = 0
blinka_grid.y = 32

blinka_group = displayio.Group()

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