Wire for Switch

Use a piece of ribbon cable to connect the switch to the Feather. A 2-wire piece will connect to the Enable and Ground pins.

Wire Length: 9cm (3.5in)

Tinning Wire

Using wire stripper, remove a bit of insulation for the tips of each wire. Add a bit of solder to the exposed wire. This will help to prevent the strands of wire from fraying.

Use a pair of helping third hands to hold the wire in place while soldering.

Solder Wire

Cut one of the three leads from the slide. Either the far left or right but not the middle! Trim the remaining leads short, about half the original length.

Add a bit of solder to the leads of the slide switch. This will make it easier to attach the wires.

Solder the 2-wire ribbon cable to the leads on the slide switch.

Wired Switch

Double check the solder joints in the wire and slide are solid and properly soldered.

Solder Switch to Feather

Add a bit of solder to the Enable and Ground pins on the bottom of the Feather.

Solder the wires to the Enable and Ground pins on the Feather.

Use helping third hands to keep the board in place while soldering.

Feather Switch

Double check the Enable and Ground pins have been properly soldered to the wires.

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