Screws for Case

Use the following hardware to secure the Feather to the case.

  • 4x M2.5 x 10mm screws
  • 4x M2.5 hex nuts

Install Hardware

Start by inserting an M2.5 screw through one of the mounting holes on the bottom of the case.

Secure Feather

While holding the screw in place, install the Feather into the case with the USB port facing the cut out. Line up the mounting holes and fit the screw through the mounting hole.

Insert and fasten hex nuts to the screw to secure the Feather to the case. Repeat for the remaining mounting holes.

Install Switch

Insert the slide switch into the built-in holder with the actuator fitting through the hole. Fit the body of the slide switch at an angle and firmly press fit down into place.

Switch Actuator

The actuator from the switch should be accessible through the side of the case. The built-in holder keeps the slide switch in place and prevents it from being pressed all the way into the case.

Connect Battery

Plug in the power cable from the 400mAh battery to the JST connector on the Feather.

Install Battery

Fit the battery into the case and place it right above the slide switch holder. Optionally use mounting tack or double-sided tape to keep the battery secured in place.

Install Cover

Orient the top cover with the case. The top cover features a built-in actuator for the User Switch on the Feather. The hole allows accessible to the proximity sensor.

Snap Fit Cover

Place the top cover over the case and firmly press them together to snap fit closed.

Case USB port

The microUSB port is accessible on the back side of the case. Use the microUSB port for programming and recharging the 400mAh battery.

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