Install Circuit to Case

Insert the Feather into the case at an angle with the edge facing the tab. Press the Feather down into the standoffs to secure in place. Insert the switch into the built in holder at an angle. Press down to secure switch. Peel protective backing from vibration motor and stick into built in holder. Press DRV2605L breakout into built in standoffs.

Install Battery

Plug in JST cable form battery into JST port on the Feather. Place battery down next to Feather.

Test Circuit

Use slide switch to power the Feather on and off. The blue LED indicator is used for BLE connections. The NeoPixel will glow red until it has been paired with an iOS device.

Install Cover & Bands

Place the cover on top of the case with the button tab oriented the reset button. Get the strap and band ready to install onto the case.


Installing Bands

Firmly push the tabs from the band through the bottom of the case on either loop. Repeat for strap.

Installed Straps

The strap and band can be installed on either side of the case. Pull out tab from loops to remove bands.

Wear It!

Place case over the wrist and hold the strap over the band. Place fingers underneath band and press nub into one of the slots on strap. Use fingers to press nub through the slot. Tuck excess strap into slotted hole in the band. 

Adjust Band

Use different slot in strap to change fitting on wrist. Change the orientation of the case by swapping the band and strap on the loops.

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