Filament Options

We recommend using PLA material for this project. You can use ABS or other type of filaments but may require a heated bed. PLA prints with minimal warping and doesn't necessary require a heated bed.

Slice Settings

The table below is a general reference for slice settings. Every 3D printer is slightly different, so you might want to use settings you're familiar with. 


10% Infill
0.1mm Layer Height
No Supports/Raft
90/150 mm/s Speeds

Twisty top part connects to case.



Main case holds components.


Print in a white or a translucent colored filament.

Connects to twisty top part.


Print in a white or a translucent colored filament.


Download, Modify, Remix Design

The parts were modeled in Autodesk Fusion 360 and available to download, modify and remix. The parts can be exported in several file formats - great if you're using a different CAD package.

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