Reel of NeoPixel LEDs

This project uses a two strips of NeoPixels. Remove the strip from the plastic reel. Count and measure each strip. Each strip is cut using scissors. The strips should contain 34 NeoPixel LEDs each. 

Measure and Cut Strip

Use the length of the the blade to determine a proper length of LEDs. The LED strips will be fitted inside the center channel. If you're using a higher density NeoPixel strip, you'll need to measure it in order to fit inside the blade.

Remove the silicone sheathing from the strips once they're measured and cut.

Strip of Insulation

The two NeoPixel strips are placed back-to-back and fitted inside the blade. In order to prevent the two strips from shorting each other out, a strip of insulation is used.

This can be a thin, long strip (or several short strips) of non-conductive material, such as poster board. Another option is to cover up the pads on the strips with kapton tape.

A cutting matt, hobby knife and t-square was used to cut a strip from a 22x28 sheet of clear poster board.

Join Strips

Use double-sided scotch tape to join the strip of insulation to the back of one of the NeoPixel LED strips. This makes joining the two strips together easier as it will keep them together.

Ensure the flow of data is consistent on each strip. Check the strip for an arrow label, make they are pointing in the same direction.

The two strips will share the same DIN, 5V and GND pins. 

Double-sided Strips

The thin strip of insulation is sandwiched in between the two NeoPixel LED strips. Additional scotch tape was wrapped over the two LED strips to secure them together. Avoid apply tape over the LEDs and capacitors on the NeoPixel strips.

Back-to-Back Double-sided Strips

Apply additional tape along the strip as needed. Carefully handle the NeoPixel strips when apply taping to avoid any damage.

Assembled NeoPixel Strips

Double check the length of the strip is capable of fitting inside the center of the blade. Ensure the flow of data is the same for both NeoPixel LED strips.

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