CPB wires

Follow the circuit diagram and tin and solder wires to each pad on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit.


Servo Wires

Shorten the cables on the servo to keep the circuit tidy.
Use heat shrink to insulate the connections. 

Servo Hardware

An M3 nut is place in the servo holder part.

The servo is press fitted into the holder with the shaft fitted through the opening.

The arm of the claw is fitted over the shaft and secured with one of the servo horns.

Servo Horns

The included servo horn press fits over the claw. Use the shorter included screw to secure the horn and claw.


Second Arm

The other arm is secured to the mounting hole using an M3 screw and nut.



Attach Servo to Case Lid

The top cover of the case is secured to the servo holder using M2.5 screws.

The Circuit Playground Bluefruit sits in the enclosure with the wires fitted through the hole in the cover.


The lipo battery is place in the middle of the case. Coil the wires around the case. Fit the wire over the vertical cutout on case.


Place the lid over the case. Thread the wires on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit through the Lid.

Case Screws

The top cover is secured to the enclosure using M3 screws.

The servo can then be plugged into the Circuit Playground Bluefruit.


Attach Case

The enclosure is secured to the battery cover of the flying ghost using double-sided foam tape.

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