Measure wires

Lay the wire on top of the handle part and measure how long each wire needs to be for the button, LED and battery.

Tin wires and copper tape

Measure a piece of copper tape. Be careful not to remove the backing. Use a helping-third-hand to asist while tinning. Add a small blob of solder to tape and then solder the measured silicone-coated wire to the ends of the tape.


Solder the negitive and positive pins of the LEDs. Use heat shrink to seal the wires. 

Coin cell connection

Peel and cut a small portion of the tape backing. Use the sticky side to connect to the positive and negitive sides of the battery. 

Make sure the backing is over the portion of the tape that touches the sides of the battery.

Fit circuit into body

Insert the tactile button into the cavity right behind the trigger. Carefully bend and tuck the wires into the shelled part of the body. Align the LED to the rear of the handle. Insert the coin cell battery into the half cylinder at the bottom.

Secure tactile button

Apply hot glue to the back of the tactile button to securly hold it in place.

Make sure not to get any glue on the actuator. 

Assemble Needle

Apply a small amount of E6000 to each half of the needle. Clamps or binders won't hold the two pieces in place, so instead hold them together for about 5 minutes until stick.

Put on a pair of gloves before handling E600! Avoid skin contact with this adhesive.

Attach bottle and needle

Add the needle to the front part of the body. Insert the LED into the bottle opening end.

Align both pieces

Fit the second half of the syringe body on top of the first half. Line up the tactile button cavities. Test alignment by checking the trigger to see if it actuates push button and LED. If it doesn't, double check your wiring and ensure the tactile button is secured in place. 

Use #2-56 3/8 screws to attach the parts together. Make sure to tuck in any wires that might have slipped out of the sides while screwing the two pieces together.

NinjaFlex rubber nipple

The rubber nipple part can be printed in TPE flexible material.   Caramel NinjaFlex matches pretty close to copperFill. To allow some of the light to pass through to the tip, we used translusent color, water. Use the change filament option to dual print two different colors!

The nipple part grips the top of the bottle, just slip it right on!

Now you are ready to gather all that ADAM! If you ever need to transport this prop for your next con, you easily can disassemble and reassemble it - just be sure to bring your screw driver! The coin cell battery should last a while but it is rechargable. 

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