Making Cosplay Props with 3D Printing + DIY Electronics

Build a creepy cosplay prop with a 3D printing, copper filament and simple electronics! This prop features a built-in trigger that actuates a momentary push button to make an eerie red glow. This guide will walk you through the steps of 3d printing, polishing, soldering and assembling of this project.

Project Expectations

This project is geared towards makers who have basic 3D printing skills and access to a 3D printer. The circuit is very beginner friendly and easily to solder. The 3D parts were designed for large build platforms. The large parts can be split to fit smaller pieces using a tool like MeshMixer from Autodesk. Printing these parts can take up to 24 hours and   about 100 grams of material.


Below is a full list of parts needed to build this project. Be sure to check out the featured products on the right sidebar.

Tools & Supplies

You'll need a couple of hand tools and accessories to assist you in the build. 

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