Remove lining from Lid

Carefully peel the fabric lining from the inside of the box lid.  You can discard the lining.

Lay out components

Arrange the major components in the lid and mark their positions.  Be sure to leave room for wiring and spacers to support the false lid.

Measure and mark cutouts

Mark the cutouts for the fingerprint sensor, power switch and keypad cable on the top of the lid.  Also mark the position for the power jack on the back of the box.

Cut the cable slot

Use an X-Acto or utility knife to cut a rectangular slot for the keypad cable.

Drill the holes

Drill holes for fingerprint sensor, power switch and power jack.

Cut a false lid

We will use a false lid to hide the circuitry inside the lid of the box.  Cut a piece of 1/8" (3mm) plywood or hardboard to fit the inside of the lid.  Also cut some 0.85" (22mm) spacer blocks to go under the false lid.

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